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request for slides

Greetings all - I have been hired as visiting artist for a highschool in
Loveland, Colorado for a grant supported project on working with
self-portraiture (words/image) and digital output for the creation of
one-of-a-kind books. My own slide collection is small so I'm hoping that
other book artists will provide slides for one-time use in a slide
presentation at the end of April. I am most interested in computer
generated books, either one-of-a-kind or small edition, primarily with the
artist as author. The district is potentially interested in purchasing
slides for their own collection but that is dependent on the budget
remaining at the end of the project.

So - if you are able to help me out please send slides with documentation
to me at Alicia Bailey, PO Box 48032, Denver, CO  80204 by April 15. I will
cover return postage but a pre-addressed return envelope would be helpful.
If you are interested in selling some of your slides to the district,
please include price/payment information.

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