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Re: a beginning for a list of virtual "books"

At 09:33 22/01/99 -0600, Anne-Dorothee Boehme wrote:
>I didn't expect to generate so much interest!
>Instead of replying individually to all the people who want the (few) URLs
>that I have, here is my humble compilation. (I hope they are all still

Well, hey! Don't forget my "A Letter To An Imaginary Friend" site! Plus my
main site (Psymon) which looks similarly like a "book"!

If you're curious, the URLs for both are in my signature, below.

Ron :)

Allow me to introduce my selves-> http://www.psymon.com
Art-> Every Angel Is Terrifying-> http://www.psymon.com/art/
A Letter To An Imaginary Friend-> http://www.psymon.com/letter/
Sterling Moon Specialty Coffees-> http://www.sterlingmoon.com

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