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Re: Illustrator

In a message dated 1/22/99 12:25:48 PM, you wrote:

<<your ability to prosper in this book and paper thing is a direct
result of your creativity multiplied by your tenacity plus your willingness to
do what it takes>>

I hope you also tell your students and prospective students that, even with
the above, life circumstances can sometimes upset the whole apple cart. Few
artists consider (or can afford, if they do think of it) disability insurance.
But, as I know from my own experience, you can be in the process of building a
career with all of the above qualities and have illness stop the process dead.
And because artists generally make less money at their craft, are often self-
employed and at an income level that does not require payments into Social
Security, or work at low-paying jobs to fill in their art income, they will
not have paid much into the system. If, then, as a result of illness or
accident, they find themselves on disability, their monthly payments will be
quite low. Truly, the profession of artist is one chosen from love and not for
any other reason. Barbara Harman

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