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Re: Rotatrim Board Cutter

I use a 31 " Niagara cast iron, foot powered sheet metal shear made in
1930.  Every sheet metal shop has one and can be found at school sales with
regularity.  Many more of these around for sale used than second hand board
trimmers. Mine was manufactured less tha a mile from my house, since the
Niagara foundry is on Niagara Street...just down the street.

A little light sanding of the edge fuzz and your in business.

Best Regards,


At 03:22 AM 1/21/99 +1100, you wrote:
>In response to Kelly's query....
>>Subject:          Rotatrim Board Cutter
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>>Received:    01/20  4:13 AM
>>From:        Kelly Anderson, andersox@EARTHLINK.NET
>>Hey List Members,
>>I'm new to edition bookbinding.  I needed something that would cut Davey
>>board, so I checked out the archives, and found that people recommended
>>the Rotatrim.  Well, I got a brand new Rotatrim Mastercut II today and
>>the best it can do is cut mat board--Davey board is out of the question.
>>So, am I doing something wrong?  Did I buy the wrong thing?  Your
>>recommendations are welcome.
>>-Kelly Anderson
>Regarding Davey Board, we have found the best thing so far is a regular
>band-saw. You certainly can't take the stuff to your local printer for
>cutting...not if you want to remain on good terms with them anyway...the
>stuff dulls their cutting blades terribly.
> ;-)
>Does anyone out there have any better ways than a power tool? Other than
>cutting layer by layer with a utility knife, by hand?
>Cher Selleck
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