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Re: A Question Regarding Glue Machines (Potdevin, Shaeffer, Minco, Etc)


>Is there anybody out there using a type "2R" machine? <<
>    I've been using a 15"  2R machine in my bindery for about 9 years now.
>I run it an average of three days a week.   I oil it and clean it.  Other than
>that it has required no further maintenance.  I use it for paper, cloth and
>board.  I can't imagine life in my bindery without it.

Excellent. That's what I was hoping to find out. You say you run board
through it. Do you have a board feeder attachment?

How do you like the glue adjustment dial? Our type "Z" machines have the
glue dial on the left side of the machine, easiliy accesible to adjust on
the fly with your right hand. The "2R" machines have them on the right side
of the tank/machine. A person would have to reach around the machine to
adjust the glue. Do you have problems with this layout?



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