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Re: Illustrator

Hello again,
Thank you for all your two-cents-worth ...I am richer by their messages!

I do say, however, that there is a gap in appreciation and demand of good
quality illustration in the marketplace. I have embraced the new technology
years ago by buying my own computer system, scanning my artwork and
adapting it for today's market needs.

Even though I maintain the control over my artwork in its presentation,
there is still that general opinion that
        1.) artwork is lesser than photography (a fallacy: they are
            complementary art forms, each with their own strengths and
        2.) artwork should cost less (a spot drawing costs today pretty well
            what it did 15 years ago, and
        3.) the artwork is subject to whatever the buyer wants to do with it
            (distort, crop, and generally digitally manipulate it - a dilemma
            because it is often my name on that illustration)

I am not whining about how the world has changed my chosen career (I
decided by age 16 that this was the only choice for me) nor am I saying
that I would change my choice (in fact I am just focusing on it even more
profoundly now at 56). I am saying that I am disappointed that there is so
much "bad stuff" out there.

My new publishing company was formed because there is still is a need for
"good stuff". And by publishing what I believe is good stuff, I hope I can
do my part in offering the public a choice. It also helps me hold on to my
artistic integrity, standards and ideals (something that is more important
to me today than it was when I was supporting a family and needed to
compromise in the pursuit of commercial art). I am finally realizing my

One question though...did I misunderstand the difference between "Artist's
Books" and "Book Artists"?

Linde Mullin
Mullin Art Publishing

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