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Re: Color copies -- transfering

About 30 years ago I used to do this using clear contact paper when I
wanted to make a transparent copy of images printed on coated stock. I
assume that any clear laminating plastic would work as well.  This is good
for those of us who don't like waiting for the multiple acrylic coats to


BTW, Peter has done a superb job on the listserv archive.  I have searched
it on a number of occasions and have always easily found the information
that I knew had been posted as part of an earlier discussion string.

> >> From: darius <darius@DISCOVERNET.NET>
> >> The previous post I am refering to described
> >> applying coats of this "glue"
> >> to the front of the color copy,
> >> soaking the piece in water,
> >> rubbing away the backing paper,
> >> and then attaching the film with more of this "glue".

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