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1st Edition Query

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Book Binders,

Hello, my name is Jonathan Shipley. I'm a young, poor, inexperienced
collector of 1st editions. I just started and don't have much money
but I get the books I can with the money I have. I've got a Jack
London and a Steinbeck and others.

One, that I just recently got, is a 1st edition of Mark Twain's
"Roughing It." It's in fine shape. The pictures are all fine, the
pages are fine, no rips or anything like that. The covers however are
very loose on the bindings. My question is: Should I have this
professionally bound? Will this decrease the value of the book? Or
should I leave it alone and have it stand as is?

I thank you for your time and answering my questions for me. They may
be stupid, but like I said, I'm pretty new at this. Thanks again. I
look forward to hearing from you soon. Also, could I get on your
mailing list?

Jonathan Shipely
400 Taylor Ave NW #104
Renton WA 98055

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