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What do you want to know about flax?

Seastone Papers, a handpapermaking and book arts teaching studio on
Martha's Vineyard, off the coast of Massachusetts, is hosting an
incredible six day workshop focused exclusively on flax fiber...what it
is and what it can do.

FlAX FEST 1999   Six Days  July 12-17   Evening Buffet July 11
If there's anything you want to know about flax, this action packed
workshop is a must! Three internationally known artists obsessed with
flax fiber will share their knowledge and guide you to new discoveries
with this versatile fiber. Helmut Becker, from Ontario, Canada, will
lead participants through the work creation process including the
growing, harvesting, processing, dying, and beating of flax fiber. He's
sending some Canadian flax seeds for planting here on the Vineyard; the
crop will hopefully be ready this July. Mark Lander will be bringing
flax, which he has harvested in his native New Zealand, along with 9ft.
by 7ft. moulds, to lead participants in sheet forming in a vat like a
swimming pool. This really big paper promises to be spectacular. You may
be creating an installation with this huge paper. Amanda Degener of
Minneapolis, Minnesota, co-proprietor of Cave Paper, will work with
participants to cast flax fiber in sculptural forms. Think shape, and
flax is a perfect fiber. Focus will be on creating strong, translucent
sculptures. Overall, this workshop will encourage you to make your paper
from nature by harvesting, cooking, pulping, and sheetforming this
fantastic fiber, flax. These three flax experts will certainly be able
to answer every question you have.

Evening events will include studio visits with island artists who work
with paper including bookbinder Mary Elizabeth Pratt, paper artist Eva
Gallant, and letterpress printers Hal Garneau and Dan Waters of Indian
Hill Press. Beach picnics and island scenes are part of the itinerary.
Instructors: Helmut Becker, Amanda Degener, and Mark Lander
Cost for the six day program is $520 plus $75 materials fee.

Visit our website at http://www.tiac.net/users/sbernat
And please take a look at an incredible letterpress shop across the road
from Seastone Papers,
Indian Hill Press at http://www.indianhillpress.com

Sandy Bernat
P.O.Box 331
West Tisbury, MA 02557

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