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>Date: Sat, 30 Jan 1999 21:22:55 -0500
>To:"Fine art printmaking, papermaking, & bookarts"
>From:dherlihy@tiac.net (Lilias)
> "MARBLING, A TO Z", featuring Master Marbler Galen Berry, will be held in the
>month of July:            JULY 19 -22         at SALTWINDS YANKEE BARN WORKSHOP
>This is a change in date from June 21-24, which will disapoint some but
>excite others who could not make the June commitment. Galen has been
>invited to make a
>tour of the Holy Land area which he just cannot refuse, which is certainly
>HIs workshop here will feature three days of intense  marbling, whereby
>you will learn many of the formal  marbling patterns used on fabric as
>well as paper.  On the fourth day a selection of the many papers made
>will be bound into  sample books to be used as points of reference for
>future designs.
>Send your request for a registration brochure for MARBLING A TO Z,  plus
>the  other bookarts workshops  to be offered, to the above email address.
>Or,  send your request snailmail  to:
>Lilla Ford
>Saltwinds Yankee Barn
>Box 52
>Kingston,MA 02364  (781-585-5622)

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