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Unique Books?

I would like to have the views of the list on the question of limitation on
artists' books which are produced in a single copy (unique).

I have noticed that many artists make two copies of a book (with that fact
reflected in the colophon) so as to be able to keep one copy for themselves.
Nothing wrong with that if noted in the colophon ("1/2").

But what about the morality of making a second copy of a book, the original
of which has been sold as unique?  In such cases some artists specify that a
book is unique or mark the book "1/1" in the colophon; some remain silent.

If such a book is successful and the artist is later asked to make another,
is this ethical?
Does it make a difference if the colophon is silent as to the number of
copies made but the original book is ostensibly unique?
Does the time lapsed between the making of the first ("unique") copy and the
second make a difference?

Jack M. Ginsberg

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