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Re: Unique Books?

I'm going to throw the classic definition on to the bandwaggon:

Unique is, especially here in the Art scene in the States a bit widely
Still - unique means 1 (ONE) copy, notwithstanding the fact if the book was
actually all handdone (e.g. kalligraphed,painted, original artwork) or

If Artist like to retain a second copy ( doesn't mater if exact identical or
slight different) they should mark it as Artist Copy or Epreuve artist or
whatever and state in the respective colophons,
Limitation 1 copy and 1 EA (Epreuve Artiste).

We, in the Trade dealing with Artist Books and related items, encounter
one's in a while a"unique" copy and sure a short while after another copy
pop's up on the market. The problem is, that as a dealer you betray your
client's trust. As you told him on the base of your Knowledge and Experience
that this is INDEED a UNIQUE copy.
And than the artist suddenly pops other copy/ies on the market.
It makes us look lile fools. What I"ve done - than asked by the client to
the fact that he heard about a second copy (And let's get not fuzzy here -
if I sold a unique copy of a book for even just 20 $ to a client, or 200
etc. he spend his money for a specific item) - if a second copy turns up -
offered to buy the copy back from my client at full price,
return it to the artist for a refund of our money and we drop the artist
from our list of clients. AS his /her behavior is highly unethical and and
in mislabeling his/her work it is simple fact fraud.
The artist itself can still be a wonderful person, but dealings with him/her
cannot be accepted as they taint the trade and one's reputation.As
insignificant that may be to some - it is the base we all make our living

charles mohr / L.A. Book Arts,Inc.

-----Original Message-----
From: Kurt Klappenbach <amibach@WORLDNET.ATT.NET>
Date: Monday, February 01, 1999 7:27 AM
Subject: Re: Unique Books?

>Could a printer/binder then create a edition of 20 books and then claim
>each one is unique because the leather used to bind each one is slightly
>different? I would not think that the recepient/customer of each "unique"
>"one of a kind" book would very pleased to learn of the exsistence of the
>others and the hair spliting that developed their definition as a one of a
>kind item. Being ethical about ones work and its representation is
>and follwing the spirit of what is meant by unique in artistic
>representation should be included.
>> Jack Ginsberg's question to the list immediately reminded me of the
>>homework assigned by my paleography teacher the first day of class. He
>>gave us a photocopy of a manuscript page and asked us all to copy its
>>second section "EXACTLY".  He did not mean letter forms, we could use a
>>modern hand.  A week later, after looking over the class results, he
>>told us that out of 35 people in the class 1 person had actually managed
>>to do it.  I quite take the force of Jack's point that if an item is
>>sold as unique there is an ethical difficulty about its twin, but I
>>doubt that any handmade book will have an identical twin.
>> Dorothy Africa

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