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Re: Using fur for covers

I recently used rabbit fur on a book. I don't know where it's available in
the UK but I bought mine at a local leather store. They had quite a few
furs as rabbits exist in large quantities.

They told me at the leather store to cut the fur from the skin side so as
not to get fur all over the place. As far as adhesives go, I found that
wheat paste worked as well on this as on any leather. PVA would also have
suited my purposes (there were, in fact, a couple of spots where I used

I chose not to wrap the fur around the boards as it created an effect not
quite suited to my binding. Instead, I cut the skin to fit the boards
exactly. I then glued the skin to the boards and painted the edges to hide
any seams or strange looking bits.

The book is currently on exhibit with the Guilds Abecedariums show. The
exhibit is currently online an can be accessed via the Guild's web page


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> From: john holt <red_stitch@HOTMAIL.COM>
> To:
> Subject: Using fur for covers
> Date: Monday, February 01, 1999 7:01 AM
> I'm designing a book which I would like to have a white rabbit fur
> cover. Does anyone have any advice on glues etc., and also where to get
> small quantities of fur (The book is a one-off, and about A6 in size). I
> live near Birmingham (UK), so any suppliers would have to be in this
> area.
> Thank you for any help with this,
> John
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