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Museum Typography

I am currently Co-Editor of "Alphabet", the journal for the Friends of
Calligraphy in San Francisco. I am searching for a writer, article, person
who is knowledgeable about typography used in museum displays - especially
on the wall. Is there  a typeface that has been specifically designed to be
read on the wall? If so, which one(S). If not, which typefaces are most
often used in museum displays?  I'm almost always struck when visiting many
museums how much lettering is there to be read and wonder if much thought
has been given to the amount of reading the museum is suggesting the viewer
to do.  I personally think that there is too much, for we (I) know that
it's much easier to sit down and read from a well designed book. Any
thoughts, articles, knowledgeable people about this topic?....Let me know.
Thanks. Brooke Holve

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