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Re: Labeling almost-unique books

We label ours (as an example) "Printing limited to 100 copies with 10 press
copies. This is number___." Press copies are not numbered and they are
identified as press copies in writing.
WhiteRiver Studio

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Subject: Labeling almost-unique books

Almost unique books,

I'm new to this list, and enjoying it immensely. The discussion of unique
reminds me of a problem I have that I need to solve. I'm wondering how to
label not-quite-unique books. I guess you could call them press overruns.

Here's the scenario: I was doing a book, limited to 18 copies. I took the
file to Kinko's (quicky print shop) for printing and binding. The verso of
the title page has "This is copy __ of __" When I got them back, 2 were
poorly bound, so they said they would redo. Meanwhile I mail out the others
with the blanks filled in showing 18 copies.

I get the 2 redo's back, they messed them up a little, so they redid again.
Result was that I have 4 good ones and 4 not-so-good ones. In other words,
6 more than 18.

How do I number these extra 6?

I was thinking that I would put "This is copy __ of _18_" then add by hand
"Press overrun, copy __ of 6"

Does that sound good? Any other suggestions?


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