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Re: Labeling almost-unique books

There is supposed to be a law on the books in New York State, Article 12H
of the New York General Business Law, which requires disclosure in writing
for multiples.  I've never heard of anyone ever obeying it (except
myself), and I've never heard of anyone being busted for NOT obeying it.
And of course, some of the provisions are pretty messy to follow, if, for
instance, you use the same cut for different compositions.

Anyhow, I made up a form which lists the following:

date of production;

whether there is an original signature and its location;

the size of the edition, including trial proofs, artist's proofs, hors
commerce, and publisher's proofs;

whether this a limited edition;

whether or not it's a copy of an image created by the artist for a
different medium or upon a different master;

whether the master was used for a prior edition, and whether it was
destroyed by the artist following the present edition;

whether the master was a reproduction of an earlier master or a multiple
made from an earleir master.


Paul Werner, New York City

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