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Re: Fw: you suck

Dear Book People,

While I believe that the "you suck" subscriber presented his
position very offensively, I also believe that he/she has a point
about using animal skins/fur/etc. for book binding.  As a species,
humans have a poor record regarding the use and tolerance of
other species.  Today there are many materials that can be used
instead of leather/fur/etc.  There are synthetics that do not
necessitate the murder of animals (the clothing industry has taken
advantage of these synthetics, creating wonderful "fake fur" coats,
etc.).  Shouldn't we try to do the same -- move on to another level
of humanity, not the level of "whatever is there, is for our use"?

We would not want our own skins used for this purpose.  And I
know the argument that people are eating meat anyway so there
are skins available.  We could eat less meat, too.  Maybe even
become a gentler species (and I believe that book people are
among the gentlest of our species).

Best regards,

Bertha Rogeres

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