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Re: Fw: you suck

As one who binds books using leather and vellum of various sorts I'm not
going to get drawn into an argument about the ethics of using skins or
whether book people are among the "gentlest' of people. Why do I use these
materials. Well, I enjoy the look and feel of them, the textures, and
their workability, much like I enjoy wearing nice, comfortable and well
made leather shoes and my jacket. At the same time I also deeply admire
Jean de Gonet's bindings using industrial rubbers and other materials.

So instead of arguing about something which will be deeply divisive and
ultimately lead nowhere, let's talk about using some of these alternative

What are they, what's the best way to use them, advantages, disadvantages,
headaches... There are some great alternative, read non-traditional
materials out there. Many of them are also a pain to work with, WELL, for
varying reasons such as adhesives not working, poor quality... Remember,
in our book work we must all strive for the HIGHEST quality in
workmanship. Many of these materials can't be worked traditionally, at
least not well, and in my readings I have yet find a text which deals with
working these materials clearly. In most cases it's just take this piece
of plastic, work like cloth... Sometimes it works, usually it doesn't.

So, any takers, and let's keep this civil and objective.



Peter Verheyen, Listowner: Book_Arts-L

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