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Re: Alternative Materials

Being a big fan of tyvek -- at least for the book arts, I haven't really used it
for conservation except for some enclosures -- I can attest to its multitude of
uses.  While I haven't foil stamped on it, just knowing the material, I would
say there should be no problem there.  Other things you can do are:

1) paint it with acrylics, from a thin wash/dye to thick gobs and layers to
build up textures and paste paper designs

2) photocopy onto it, but be careful about the heat that your copier/laser
printer makes, because tyvek does have a relatively low melting point in
comparison to how hot some laser  printers get.

3) collage on it with many different materials using either methylcellulose or a
methyl/PVA mixture

4) lots more!  any other ideas?

If you want to see an example of the uses of tyvek, look at the current GBW
exhibit, ABeCeDarium and look at my book. It is made out of tyvek "pages",
painted with acrylics and collaged with images.

The URL is:

Lets keep this thread going.


 Eric Alstrom
 Hanover, NH

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