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          WHAT'S NEW ON THE ABAA-booknet and booknet-international SERVERS?

              Here are recent changes or updates that you may not
              have seen. Offerings by various ABAA and other ILAB
              members are "hot-linked" directly to their booknet home
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          BIBLIOCTOPUS ILLUSTRATED LIST (2/3/99) [New Image Carousel]

               Biblioctopus, of Century City, CA has posted its new, major
on-line catalogue, List 55, First Editions of the Classics of Fiction and a
splash of non-fiction, interspersed with a surfeit of modern wannabes some
of which may someday make it and even some of the once thought weighty
pathetically hanging on by their fingernails. The whole addended with the
tantalizing incidental and seductively associated. 1900 B.C. - 1997. List
55 is profusely illustrated =97 the illustrations are available in our new =
Image Carousel =BB
http://abaa-booknet.com/catalogs/biblioctopus/images     *

  http://abaa-booknet.com/biblioctopus     *

          TEN POUND MARITIME LIST (2/1/99) [Search - Browse - Order On-Line
with Ten Pound Island Books]

               Ten Pound Island Books, of Gloucester, MA is now offering
Maritime List 119 =97 Old, Scarce, and Out of Print Nautical Books, 352 item=
pertaining to the sea and its history and including extensive reference
materials. This is another catalogue in the new ABAA-booknet Search =97
Browse =97 Order On-Line Dynamic Catalogue format.

  http://abaa-booknet.com/ten.pound     *


               The 32nd California International Antiquarian Book Fair, to
be held in San Francisco, February 12-14 has a new Web Site available at
http://SanFranciscoBookFair.com This year's Fair features 255 US and
international ILAB dealers, and has become the world's largest rare book
fair. Our Web Site brings you information about the Fair, its participants
and special events, and will be offering highlights of items to be
available at the Fair.

  http://SanFranciscoBookFair.com     *


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