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I've used Tyvek to wrap around boards for covers, folded and sewn as small
pages, and "stretched" as canvas might be. I paint it with acrylic paint and
then hand letter on it with acrylics. I would not suggest using a copier - I
tried a small test piece and a much smaller melted gob came out the other end.

Dick Blick Art Materials sells Tara Tygerag (Dupont Tyvek) under sign painting
supplies. It does not have 'Dupont' stamped on it but is painted on one side
with an acrylic white titanium finish. It feels and looks like paper.It's 36"
wide and $3.30 a yard.Their number is 1-800-621-8293.

I painted both sides and hung some pieces outdoors in the sun for 2 years (and
2 Maine winters) and it looked a bit worn and it did tear by then - while it's
said to be archival - who knows for sure.I would like to know how others have
used Tyvek.

Jan Owen  janscribe@aol.com
Bangor, Maine

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