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Is this use fair?

I teach studio art at the high school level and am in the process of =
addidng  bookarts to our curriculum. The internet is a wonderful source =
for examples of contemporary work. It's very easy to put together a slide =
show of jpeg images and have them available for easy reference. I always =
include whatever information is available with each image and certainly =
the artist's name. I've included Eric's opinion (thanks, Eric) on this =
practice and would like to hear from others.


I am not an expert at copyright law, but there is a fair use clause for
educational use.  Which means something like if you are using an article =
for a
class on a one time basis, you can pass around a copy for the students.  =
this means make an individual copy for each student or not is not exactly =
Nothing is really clear in copyright law!

As for getting permission for your situation, you probably would get away =
it on the above mentioned fair use clause, if it went that far in a legal
proceeding (but please don't quote me on this!  I'm not a lawyer!!). =20

But as a common courtesy, if the artist is mentioned and there is contact
information, I would write and ask permission. I can't think of any artist =
wouldn't allow such a use.  It helps promote the craft/art and gives the =
some free exposure!  And I think that most artists like to know who is =
at their work and judges it worthy enough for inclusion in a teaching/examp=

This is just my opinion, though.  Others may feel differently. You may =
want to
pose your question to the list as a whole.  Feel free to use my message on =
list as a springboard if you wish.  I would be curious to know what other =
artists think.


Eric Alstrom
Collections Conservator
Dartmouth College Libraries
Hanover, New Hampshire

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