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Re: Alternative Materials (formerly that other title...)

On Wednesday, February 03, 1999 1:39 PM, Dorothy Africa
[SMTP:africa@LAW.HARVARD.EDU] wrote:
>   Have any of you explored tyvek as a binding material?  I know it has
> promise as a repair material, but I am loathe to use it simply because
> it is too new for its aging properties to be certain.  Since it seems to
> be the principal insulator for new houses (Lord, but these faux chateau
> do go up quickly) books may be the less urgent casualty in fifty years
> if tyvek turns out to off gas something deadly when its chemistry goes
> awry.  I have my eye on it, though, and would appreciate commentary from
> those who have explored its mysteries.
>  Dorothy Africa
Tyvec and its cousins have long been available as commercial bookbinding
materials. I remember a decade ago when I was in the commercial publishing
business, we did color printing on Tyvec, coated it, and then used it to
cover boards for school textbooks that would get rough treatment. It holds
us very well.

Buck Jeppson

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