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Re: More about Tyvek

>Yes, you CAN foil stamp Tyvek. Back in the late 80's we were foil stamping
>it with gold foil when I was at the University of Michigan's Conservation
>As I recall, one of Paula Gorley's students at Alabama was also working on
>staining it with printer's inks...to a very nice effect.

Yes,Anne Bailey's father owned Southern Label Printing in Birmingham,
Alabama and one morning came into Binding class and thus our introduction
to TYVEK !! Our inquiring minds quickly cut it up to make sewing tapes for
Sun Evrad's Simpified Binding models we were working on,we hurried into the
printing labs to swell the Japanese paper like material with multi layers
of ink and more sewing and poking. In children's art classes,I found the
most flexiblity in layering
materials-they especially liked using velcro.

If you remember your 20th century art history,the avant garde of the
Bauhaus used industrial materials in innovative ways. As in our history,we
are constantly initiated to new and changing materials.We've traveled far
from crudly carved lemon boards with spiral knots over leather.

I am constantly amazed at the wealth of talent coming from our contemporaty
poll of binders.. Thanks for the inspiratation..

Sharon Long

>My $.05...inflation's striking here in Minnesota!
>Dennis Moser
>"That so few now dare to be eccentric, marks the chief danger of the time"
>--John Stuart Mill (1806-73)

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