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recent move

Those who like to keep their address lists current may want to note my
recent move, after 14 years at the University of Tulsa, to the University
of Iowa Libraries where I now head special collections operations. This
fact may be of particular interest to some subscribers as Iowa, and indeed
my department, maintains the library of the Guild of Book Workers.

I will remain Book Review Editor for the Guild of Book Workers Newsletter,
and I continue to welcome announcements of forthcoming books -- or the
books themselves. The Newsletter is published 6 times a year and sent to
nearly 900 subscribers, about 600 of them Guild members and the remainder
libraries in the United States, Canada, and other countries. It reviews
books, reports, new periodicals, and electronic products pertaining
directly or indirectly to the arts and crafts of the book: bookbinding,
papermaking, calligraphy, printing, marbling and other decorative
papermaking, and book and paper conservation.

Since many Guild members make artist's and other books, it is impossible in
most cases to review them (though Margaret H. Johnson, Executive Editor,
welcomes notice of such items and regularly lists them --
marhiljoh@aol.com, 2372 Pine, San Francisco, CA 94118).  But I welcome
suggestions about new books that raise issues of interest to book artists
and craftspeople.

................Sid Huttner

Sidney F. Huttner * Head, Special Collections * The University of Iowa
Libraries * Iowa City, Iowa 52242-1420 * 319-335-5921 * FAX: 319-335-5900 *
e-mail: sid-huttner@uiowa.edu * department homepage:
The LUCILE Project: http://www.lib.utulsa.edu/personal/huttner/huttner.htm

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