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Re: Alternative Materials

I haven't used Tyvek yet, but Sharon Long's mentioning Velcro reminded me
of how I used that handy material recently. The job was to provide a hard
cover reservation book for a popular restaurant. The 14" x 9" book had to
be sturdy to withstand hard use; it had to be carried between the office in
a different building and the restaurant several times a day and it would be
tossed at times.

The restaurant keeps the records to use the information, for various
reasons, from year to year, and takes reservations weeks or months in
advance. One volume, holding a year's worth, would have been far too heavy
to use as they would be doing, so we broke it down to 4 volumes, each
holding 3 months'-worth, providing a manageable book. However, four
hardcover books, at more than $100 each, every year would be too expensive.
My solution was to make 4 clothbound cases (Gane's Sunbeam Buckram over
heavy boards) and two-year's worth of flat-backed, soft-cover inserts with
matching cloth spines.

The normal method of inserting a pamphlet into a case, by slipping the
covers into pockets, would not hold up. What to do? Velcro to the rescue!
Using Shoo-Goo, I glued three 2" pieces of matching 3/4" Velcro, hook side
on the case with the other side on the back of the pamphlets. Every three
months, the old pamphlet is pulled out and a new one inserted, easy as pie.
In two years, I'll make more inserts, but the cases should last several
more years. Anybody want a couple yards of one sided Velcro?

Betty Storz   storz@mcn.org

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