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Re: Alternative Materials

At 02:08 AM 2/4/99 -0500, you wrote:
>We do understand something about paper and leather.  The good, the bad,
>and, yes, the ugly.
>Multiple millenia of experience with leather and paper is enough for me, thin
>tho that thread may be, it is enough.

And  ain't that the truth !!  The problem with the evangelical mind, either
religious or secular, is that "if I can't convince you to think as I do
then I'll push for legislation that will FORCE you to do as I say.  It
doesn't satisfy me that =I= have the freedom to do as I wish, I want to
deprive you of that same privilege."  But the point is, animal rights,
vegetarianism and other animal issues don't really belong here, do they ?
There surely are other lists that deal with those particular areas of interest.
David Adams - Maryland

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