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Re: Is this use fair?

Hey! Wait a minute! I just noticed something funny goin' on here.....

At 21:42 04/02/99 -0800, Roberta Lavadour wrote:
>I subscribed to that same tutorial. Did you notice the copyright notice at
>the beginning of the program prohibiting the copying or dissemination of=
>tutorial information?
>>>Date:         Fri, 6 Nov 1998 12:41:55 -0500
>>>From:         Copyright Tutorial <copyinfo@INDIANA.EDU>
>>>Subject:      [COPYRIGHT-ONLINE-L] No.28: Fair Use & the Internet

You realize, of course, that in replying without trimming down my message
you just did the same thing!

Sooooo... TOUCH=C9, Roberta!!! =3D:p

(Just teasing<g>).

Ron ;)

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