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Re: uses for Tyvek

Hi all..
        I remember some years ago taking a workshop and the teacher (gee.. I think it
was James Brockman) mentioned that he used Tyvek to rehinge old books.  He cut
strips to fit between the tapes/cords.
        The only issue was that it could not be the one sold to the building industry
because that was meant to be impermeable to moisture.  We found 2 suitable
thicknesses and got it in rolls.  The one used for rebacking was very thin, #
1025D, the thicker one was used for making enclosures for papers etc. # 1079..
        To refresh my memory I called DuPont just now (1-800-44 tyvek,  448-9835)
and she said that Tyvek is definitely archival/acid-free,  and that you could
get the above types in sheets or rolls.  You might also ask them for samples.
        For sheets call Matthias Paper at 800-334-6791,  for rolls call Dunsiris (I
think that is what it was!  ) at 800-236-1098.
         I did ask if anyone was producing it in colors.  I had gotten some from a
company that is no longer in business and it was wonderful.  Great for cases
and boxes.  She mentioned that Fibermark Inc is making colored Tyvek for flags
etc,  their number is 215-804-1263.
        No affiliation yada yada,  just like the product.  Hope this helps.. Susan
Swan,  Swan Bindery

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