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Identification of alternative binding book

I would appreciate if any list member could help me with the history of
the following book which might be a one-of-a-kind that I found in a box
of old books:

    It is written in Spanish and printed in Argentina in April 1951. It
is titled "El Gaucho Martin Fierro" written by Jose Hernandez. I believe
its illustration are done by Alberto Nicasio.  There is a Spanish hand
written presentation inscription dated 15 August 1955.

    The book looks like a "softbound" edition that was hardbound. The
binding material looks like unshaven Pinto Pony hide (furry side out),
cream colored with brown spots. The cover has the title and a drawing of
a Gaucho that looks like it has been burned in with a woodburning tool
and then painted with something that looks like watercolor.  The
endpaper definitely looks home made.

Thanks for any help on this. Unless you think the reply would benefit
the list, please reply off-line to my e-mail address.

Jim Trent

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