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Re: Tyvek

I used Tyvek and 1/4" plywood squares to make a 6' x 8' Jacob's ladder wall for an
installation piece- there were eleven 8' long Jacob's ladders hung about 1/4"
apart in a frame with a pulley and rope so the viewer could flip the whole
structure.  It was in the river section of a piece a landscape/environment piece
based on the traditional walking trails between my house and that of my
collaborator, about 5 miles up the coast. On one side the image was the hillside
where the river comes down to the coast, autumn and spring, and the other side was
day and night versions of a waterfall up in the woods.
The Tyvek was a roll of archivek from Talas, and we also used it for tracery
sections where the forest was painted on and the space between branches cut out to
see the vista of the panoramic painting on the wall.
I made the structures, had them attached to a 2" dowel and cut four 6' x 8'
paintings (acrylic on tyvek) into 1" x 6" strips to make the four images. The show
toured for almost two years, and the Jacob's ladder, noisy as it was, was the most
popular piece. It held together fine- all the gluing was done with straight PVA.
It was one of those Ideas I thought was brilliant until I had to spend a week on
my hands and knees on a cement floor (kneepads only help to a point) bent over
gluing little pieces in place. Once was ENOUGH! But I still think Tyvek is
fabulous stuff!

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