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Re: uses for Tyvek


We are using Tyvek to hinge in maps, charts, etc.  It is very strong and
flexes well.  It also needs just a small strip and takes PVA.   The Tyvek
hinge is made the length of the book and at the desired width to fit into
the book.  Add to the width 1/4 inch where the map will be.  To protect the
folds of the map, extend only the 1/4 inch strip about one inch on top and
bottom.  The extensions do not show to the front or interfere with the
hinge in any way. Don't know if I explained it very well but if you extend
a bit of the Tyvek onto the fold(s) of the map it really keeps that area
from tearing from frequent opening out of the map.



(Hinge is meant to be on top and the 1/4 inch extensions sticking out)

I have also used it to reattach a leather flapping spine (attached at one
side only).  The spine length piece of Tyvek is folded in half; the fold
goes along the hinge.  I PVA the bottom to the book and the top to the free
edge of the spine.  I also put a piece of silicone release paper or waxed
paper between the top and botton so they don't stick and the book will open
with the proper "heave".  A rubber band to hold the spine in place while
drying.  It holds that spine in place quite well.

Claudia Stall
Head, Collection Preservation Unit
San Diego State University
Love Library

         "Be kind, do good work, and touch the earth gently."

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