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Re: A Plea for Civility

  With all due respect to both sides of this controversial subject. It
seems that no one answered the original question of where rabbit furs
could be obtained for covering a book.

  Here in New England, far from the city in the rural part where trees
and forest are abundant as well as wild game, there are many rabbit furs
going to waste. Unfortunate road-kills, as well as sportsman who may,
licensed by the state in which they hunt - take rabbits and do with them
as they please. Often times eating them and throwing away the rest as
waste. Some do retain the pelts. I'm sure - right or wrong that
contacting the New Hampshire Fish and Game (they have a web site - with
email) you could locate through them what you require for your book cover.

  Shane, I liked what you had to say, you said it very well.

Calvin Crawford

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