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Re: Tabellae Ansata

The premier issue arrived about two weeks ago -  About 65 pages, black and
white. It has a very nice mix of instructional articles (with very clear
drawings, similar to Cover to Cover), Book Arts projects for kids (with
complete instructions for teachers), exhibition and book reviews, show
listings, and features of book artists and their work.

I was very pleased - especially since I teach book arts in the schools. The
projects could also easily be adapted for adult students.

I would highly recommend it.

Info listed in this issue...
Subscriptions are $25.00 /yr (US)
Tabellae Ansata
P.O. Box 9889
Birmingham, AL 35220-0889


>Has anyone subscribed to Shereen LaPlantz's new 'zine "Tabella Ansata"? If
>what do you think?  I enjoyed "Cover to Cover" and am now wondering about
>new magazine.

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