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Re: Tabellae Ansata

Kelly Kilmer wrote:
> Has anyone subscribed to Shereen LaPlantz's new 'zine "Tabella Ansata"? If so,
> what do you think?  I enjoyed "Cover to Cover" and am now wondering about the
> new magazine.
> Thanks,
> Kelly

Yes I did subscribe and I love it!  She has a lot of directions for
books and some for  origami.  I took a bookbinding class where Cover to
Cover was the text and I was very impressed with the book.  I think that
the magazine is equivalent.  They do have a website but last time I
checked (2 weeks ago) it was under construction.  I think it's
www.tabellaansata.com.  If you that isn't it let me know and I can get
it off the magazine.


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