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Hungarian poster artist...(was Museum Typography)


I couldn't locate the invitation....i may have it down @ work.....

Istefan i believe is his first name and he occasionally uses as his nom
d'guerre a Greek word for "nobody"...that's the best i can do at this
moment.....i should mention to that the folks down @ the gallery/press wor=
with him collaboratively on an art book......8x8x1", spiral-bound, two col=
die-cuts, letterpress, variety of papers, fold-outs, &c, that is underpric=
near to theft at $30/copy.....first printing sold out in 2 months second &
last printing just back from the binder....i heard that Hallmark acquired =

i'll pop that invite in the mail when i find it....or you can get more inf=
from Lance @ the gallery--816/421/1929....


In a message dated 2/6/99 11:34:02 PM Central Standard Time,
afuresz@verygraphics.com writes:

<< =09I am particularly curious about the show of the
 =09unnamed Hungarian poster designer. I will be grate-
 =09ful if you at least give me his name; even more so
 =09if you could send some ephemera concerning the

 =09Andr=E1s F=FCr=E9sz

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