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Wood Type (Was: Need some info)

Wood type is (depending on its condition) both eminently usable and
collectible. I'm not sure if there is a guide to value but I would think
$50-100 per font and up: there are a great many small, more-or-less
uninteresting faces, and then there are larger, more decorative faces which
might fetch $1000 or more. One of the better known reference books is Rob
Roy Kelly's (American Wood Types?).

Please, please, please: don't turn them into coffee tables or wall plaques.
They deserve better.


>Can anyone tell me whether wood type is a collectible or usable item? If so
>where can I get an idea of its value and how does one identify the fonts.
>Where could I find out what the various faces were etc.
>The Vixen Press  C. Seidenberg
>Second question. I would like the email of address of Mindy Dubansky, the
>person who works in conservation at the Metropolitan.

Richard Miller <rmiller@peterboro.net>

The Canadian Bookbinders and Book Artists Guild website:


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