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Re: animal fur

It seems to me that if fur of any sort was a practical bookbinding material,
bookbinders of two or three hundred years ago would have made ample use of
it. Yet I have never seen a fur binding.

 I would think that fur would soon mat or shed or scrape off in the normal
use of a book, and it would be near impossible to clean without destroying
the book. What will this rabbit fur book look like in twenty years?

If you want a furlike material, I would suggest some sort of white velvet,
but that too will have severe cleaning problems and be quite shabby after a
few years on a bookshelf.

>It seems I inadvertently caused upset when asking about using animal fur
>as a book cover.
>I apologise to anyone if this appeared insensitive.
>I was going to produce an 'Alice' related book, and so using white
>rabbit fur would be appropriate to the content. If anyone knows of a
>good substitute, I would happily use that.
>Sorry again,
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