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Re: Need some info

At 1:04 PM -0500 2/7/99, Caryl Seidenberg wrote:
>Can anyone tell me whether wood type is a collectible or usable item?
>where can I get an idea of its value

usable if you have the right equipment and the sorts are in good condition.

Adobe was breaking up and giving away wood fonts a couple of years ago as a
promotion. so what does that say about the value placed on this craft.

> and how does one identify the fonts.
>Where could I find out what the various faces were etc.

To identify fonts and read about wood type there's Rob Roy Kelly's
"American Wood Type: 1828-1900" arguably the best treatment on the subject.

There're also the innumerable specimen books published by Dover
particularly the Solo series which are supposed to be direct imprints from
wood type, though the names might not be original and no attributions are

And then there's the Rochester Institute which is supposed to have a great
collection of sorts and specimen sheets, and is one of Kelly's main sources
of showings.

By way of introduction, I'm a designer, my work can be seen at
http://idt.net/~ashey/ and my type design at BoyBeaver Fonts
http://www.boybeaver.com Your comments are welcome.

To share my interest in bibliography and book arts, I'll be launching
comprehensive type related lists and biographies next week at BoyBeaver.



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