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Re: A question about old books


Sounds like what we collectors call an unopened copy.  Since the book has
not been trimmed the original paper size can be determined and in some
books this helps identify first editions.  Now it is mostly a sign of high
quality and unopened copies bring higher prices on the O.P. market.  Of
course, it's difficult to read an unopened copy so if your friend wishes to
read the book it should be carefully opened with a rather dull knife (a
sharp knife sometimes catches and cuts downward into the page).  I know
collectors who buy two copies of such books---one to open and read, the
other to keep in unopened condition.

Sam Lanham

At 11:40 AM 2/9/99 PST, you wrote:
 The pages at the head and tail are a mixture of
>sharply and rough cuts and some of the pages aren't even separated from
>one another
Sam Lanham (slanham@hctc.net)

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