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rabbit fur

John --
  If your muse absolutely insists you must use rabbit fur
for your Alice book, so be it. But you would probably have
to consider it an "artist's book" with a somewhat limited
shelflife. Rabbit fur is dreadful stuff, and sheds if you
just look at it hard. (Can you afford ermine??)
  I don't care for synthetics myself, but as has been
suggested there are excellent i.e. very deceptive,
"fake furs" around which would look a lot better than
rabbit fur after any appreciable length of time.

  On the other hand, you might want to rethink your
concept and come up with an equally interesting and
original cover. I kind of like playing cards and
broken mirrors, but that's not very practical either!

Susan Fatemi
Berzerkely, Calif.

> Date:    Mon, 8 Feb 1999 03:56:36 PST
> From:    john holt <red_stitch@HOTMAIL.COM>
> Subject: animal fur
> It seems I inadvertently caused upset when asking about using animal fur
> as a book cover.
> I apologise to anyone if this appeared insensitive.
> I was going to produce an ‘Alice’ related book, and so using white
> rabbit fur would be appropriate to the content. If anyone knows of a
> good substitute, I would happily use that.

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