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Re: "Digital Dark Age"

joycej@MUSKOX.ALASKA.EDU writes:

<<  "Digital storage is easy; digital preservation is not." >>

and dt fletcher writes:

>However, with the advent of the modern IBM-clone machine, which has been
produced in the multimillions and will continue to be produced in the
>multimillions for many years to come, will always be available in one form
>another. With the base computer always available,  all that is needed is
>software and a CD-ROM and your digital data is good for several centuries

How about the extinct 5 3/4" floppy disk, that was the standard ten years
ago, and now is virtually impossible to be readed, because there's no
machine that can do that?
The only secure media for reformating was, and until is, for 75 years, the
old and faithfull microfilm, because even without a machine you can read it
with some lens. Of course you can't storage a lot of data in a small space
as for the CD-ROM, but that's another problem.

Rizio Bruno Sant'Ana
Biblioteca Mario de Andrade
Rua da Consolacao, 94
01302-000 - Sao Paulo - Brazil

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