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Re: "Digital Dark Age"

In a message dated 2/10/99 4:14:09 AM Pacific Standard Time,
cgraham@CCRIGGS.COM writes:

<< You know, I'm a little too young to remember, but in
 my parents' day there was such a thing as an LP...

 Courtney Graham >>

And they are still fully playable aren't they. Get yourself a nice modern
Technics turntable and away you go. The means for playing LP's will still be
available in hundreds of years, because just too many record players have been
made and will continue to be made. Billions of LP's were made and the means
for playing them will always be within reach of any technically advanced

This is actually a great comparison to the CD-ROM. The LP was the winner as
the analog storage medium and thank goodness people trusted it to store all
that music from the 20's and 70's that we would have lost otherwise.

dt fletcher

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