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Re: "Digital Dark Age"

At 07:49 AM 2/10/1999 EST, you wrote:
>In a message dated 2/10/99 4:14:09 AM Pacific Standard Time,
>cgraham@CCRIGGS.COM writes:

><< You know, I'm a little too young to remember, but in
> my parents' day there was such a thing as an LP...

>And they are still fully playable aren't they. Get yourself a nice modern
>Technics turntable and away you go. The means for playing LP's will still be
>available in hundreds of years, because just too many record players have
>made and will continue to be made. Billions of LP's were made and the means
>for playing them will always be within reach of any technically advanced

>This is actually a great comparison to the CD-ROM. The LP was the winner as
>the analog storage medium and thank goodness people trusted it to store all
>that music from the 20's and 70's that we would have lost otherwise.

Actually much of the music from the 20s was stored on the big thick 70rpm
discs. I don't think that the nice modern Technics turntable will do the job.

And just try and find a player for the metal music box discs. Are we to
just write off this music as the technological means for playing it disappear?


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