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Re: Laser Printing (was: bookbinding - present and future)

I have had the problem with photocopied images...and storing either =
photocopies or laser-printed copies in vinyl binders is a nightmare; the =
(excess) toner sticks to the vinyl and pulls off the image. I know =
theoretically, the toner in both cases is fused to the paper, so I can't =
explain WHY it pulls off, but it does.  I always put blank sheets of paper =
in between any photocopied or laserprinted image that I want to keep for =
that reason. It's a waste of paper, but it keeps the image intact.  =
Dusting with talcum powder also seems to help, temporarily, but I don't =
know what effect the powder has on the paper long-term. I imagine that it =
could be quite damaging.

Laura Boston
Penrose Memorial Library
Whitman College
Walla Walla, WA  99362

>>> "Gray, Lyle" <Lyle@QUODATA.COM> 02/10 9:01 AM >>>
I have experienced problems with books printed with laser printers.  If =
book gets warm, the print may stick the pages together.

Has anyone else experienced that problem?

Lyle H. Gray
lyle @ quodata . com                            inceptum perage

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> From: DT Fletcher [SMTP:FletcherOR@AOL.COM]=20
> Sent: Wednesday, February 10, 1999 11:51 AM
> Subject:      Re: bookbinding - present and future
> In a message dated 2/10/99 7:20:59 AM Pacific Standard Time,
> hollands@PRIMEX.CO.UK writes:
> << Does anyone have any thoughts about this, especially
>  how do they envisage the future of bookbinding.
>  Thanks.
>  Kate Holland >>
> It's just one perspective, but the modern Unibind thermal binding system
> combined with modern inexpensive duplexing laser printers brings
> highquality
> hardbound binding within reach of almost anyone and may fortell the =
> where almost anyone can print and bind their own book for a relatively
> modest
> amount.
> dt fletcher

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