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Re: "Digital Dark Age"

In a message dated 2/10/99 8:53:03 AM Pacific Standard Time,
pdverhey@DREAMSCAPE.COM writes:

<<  As to Dorothy's
 point, she is absolutely right. Digital information can be tampered with,
 and to some extent most certainly is, even if not maliciously. Save a file
 then open, change, resave... I can do that with CDs too, copy to HD,
 alter, burn new CD. If it's on a server, even easier. Fact is data
 can be changed...>>

I think not. Data once properly established on a CD-ROM cannot be changed:
never ever. Once you save to the HD/modify and write a new CD then you have a
new set of data on the CD that will be easly identified as being different
than the original. Why? Because the data has been changed and it will show up.
In fact the CD-ROM is probably one of the most reliable means in the world of
verifying that the data contained is absolutely original to the source.

dt fletcher

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