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Re: "Digital Dark Age"

And Beta Max only died out because they turned down a deal with the sex
industry--which had this crazy idea to put porno on home video tapes. VHS
did not seem to mind the morals. ($$$$$$$$$$$$$!)

But beta is still the preferential format for serious film makers because
of it's superior quality over VHS.

Sad but true.......Give the people what they want.
God bless capitalism.

Paul Baechler wrote:

> On 2/10/99 12:16 Leslie Cefali said:
> >ever hear of the Beta Max??
> >or the 8 track??
> >
> The 8-track player only became a success because you could play 4-track
> tapes in it also.
> Paul Baechler
> pbaechle@bellsouth.net

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