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Re: "Digital Dark Age"

>Once you save to the HD/modify and write a new CD then you have a
>new set of data on the CD that will be easly identified as being different
>than the original. Why? Because the data has been changed and it will show
>dt fletcher

Sorry, Mr. Fletcher, but you didn't get the point. If the "archival"
technology changes, say from CD to video laser, you HAVE to change media,
and then you won't have a readable CD to confirm and to be sure that the
data was correct or not. In the process of changing from one medium to the
other, you simply can't come back and compare, you have to believe in the
person who did the job that the data wasn't modified at any time.

Rizio Bruno Sant'Ana
Biblioteca Mario de Andrade
Rua da Consolacao, 94
01302-000 - Sao Paulo - Brazil

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