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Fwd: Tabellae Ansata

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I'm forwarding this for everybody on the list:

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>Thanks for the information.  I'll try through the net first, then, if not
>successful through Courtney Blake.  I've been telling everyone about the
>publication.  Hope you can find someone else to ease your burden.  Selfishly,
>I want to see many more issues come forth.  All my best,  Amy in cold & rainy
>Syracuse, New York


Glad the info helped.

Don't worry about the magazine. I have the next 5 issues planned and
scheduled with the printer. We're working on authors for 5, 6 and 7 right
now. The worst that will happen with the magazine is I will burn out in a
few years and sell it to someone who loves books as much as I do. Don't
worry. Tabellae Ansata will have a long, fun and informative life.

The second issue will have a centerfold that's a gatefold and will have
both red and black ink throughout. The third issue will have bleeds and
black center pages with various varnishes for imagery. The fourth issue
will have gold foil words from calligraphers. The fifth issue will have
embossing on the center pages. I'm working on finding someone to design
frosted acetate center pages for the sixth issue. Plus, the authors we're
finding are exciting. I've instituted an Editorial Board to find the
authors -- all's well -- and fun!!!



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