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Re: "Digital Dark Age"

Yes, one may be able to design and, possibly even to build, a 386 processor
type computer at the turn of the next millenium.  However, that doesn't mean
it will be possible to find the specs and be able to read any particular
file format.

I think WAY too much thought is being put into hoping that what we do now
will be available to future generations and WAY too little thought is being
put into doing something that they will want to avail themselves of.

That isn't just a problem on this list, BTW, for some reason many artists
seem to have their priorities turned around.   The word "ego" has come up on
at least one other list I subscribe to....


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> The simple fact is that
>because of the open architecture of the IBM clone -PC the basic design
>information is in the public domain. Intel lost their attempt to copyright
>basic 386 computer core and so it too is now public domain. The knowledge
>how to build a 386 compatable PC will be available a thousand years from
>90% of todays computers (100's of millions) run on 386 compatable
>It is complete nonsense to believe for an instant that the knowledge of, or
<even assess to, use this basic level of computer technology will ever be
<dt fletcher

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